Falland Vörandi

1. Erwachen
2. Wölwas Runen
3. Feuergott
4. Dämmerung
5. Nannas Klage
6. Hringhorns Flammen
7. Meerfahrt
8. Asgards Trauer
9. Wotans Weisung
10. Hermodes' Aufbruch
11. Sleipnirs Blick
12. Helritt
13. Falland Vörandi
14. In Helheim
15. Flug der Raben
16. Auf Suche
17. Der Asen Flehn
18. Thökk - Lokis List
19. Der letzte Schein
20. Abschied

Translated "Falland Vörandi" lyrics:

Awakening (Erwachen)

Once a fierce storm sang its lament
Cold blue ice, an ocean of tears
And gentle beam’s breath of life
Gently blazing, now warming the air

Bright light, blaze afar
To break away the darkness

Wölwa's Runes (Wölwas Runen)

The bonds are broken
Which had united the rough powers of all coldness
The victory against the darkness is gained
As sun and spring are reunited

The God of Light should be enthroned like this
Above all the ranks of creation
Giving life to barren lands
So that becoming and moving reaches out for
Everything that hath lived in dumbness

Holy runes written by the world's spirit
Lying long lost in the ground
But never forgotten - despite eternity
Not everything to the night world hastened

As everything that had reached the light
Gave the oath and created the bond
That which stayed as a foe of light
Will never break this elementary power

Light-bringing ray that warms the spheres
Enlightens and increases the living space
Flood shining golden drifting in the depth
Of the universe’s vastness for all times

And although sun and day are united
Not everything that seems true is true
For deceitfulness is already striving after
The bright shine – only destined for pain
Causing sorrow to the worlds’ time

of Fire (Feuergott)

I am father of a malevolent seed
I take your light and put it into an icy grave

Like the fire I am this power
That blows as the wind, that sparks a fire
And drags it over the country
I am precious to you – I am destructive
I destroy and I create
Flaming love and burning hate

I am the sorrow that marks your face
I am the worries that eat you alive
The stinginess that takes your breath
I am the greed - the remorseless distress
I blind you – yes, I am the enviousness, too

And despite all doubts you will take
although you know, I am the poison in the word
So beautiful, so ugly - I am the deceit
Cold ice that covers feelings
I am the mighty smith of doom

I am the sword that splits your tongue
I am the darkness that dwells inside you

I am father of a malevolent seed
I take your light and put it into an icy grave
Cold ice that covers feelings
I am the mighty smith of doom

Dusk (Dämmerung)

A throw, a hit is not able to hurt this light
So I'm searching somewhere that's dark
In evil hand quite inconspicuous
it becomes the thing that hits deadly

And although I'm wandering with sharpened senses
tell me, Goddess, why is it
that nothing near or far
defeats the noble Balder

Of everything that has ever been created
I took the oath
But one thing seemed to be inconsiderable
A young mistletoe

That is what I have been searching for for a long time
Now I will cut you to a spear
With my fraud and the blind man's hand
you will surely reach Balder's heart

Why don't you join in on the happy game?
You deny Balder the honour, just because you don't see?
Come, have a go, I will guide you the way

So it is broken, the strongest of all columns
I put the summer into an icy grave
Fenrir, your bonds will soon break
Feel it, the dusk is near

Nanna's Mourning (Nannas Klage)

Oh Balder, your blood
the sun's glow is slowly ceasing
the glowing of the light is fading
because your heart is broken now

Oh, Gods, put on fire
entwined with flowers of blaze
embedded in stormy wind
foaming mountains of roaring flood
where chilling fogs seethe we will go

Journey on the ocean (Meerfahrt)

Now the deads' ship is prepared
soon led by Ran's daughters
Into cold depths without any light
into the vaults of evil-willing seeds

The sail touched by mourning wind
at the horizon Hringhorn is dying down
and surrounded by flaming flowers
sinking ship in southern mist

Asgard's dolour (Asgards Trauer)

Midsummer's passing - dying heart
in the mournful song of every wind's choir
covered with clouds - the sky full of pain
Lacrimal look when the light was lost

Wotan's order (Wotans Weisung)

Destiny's course in the sisters' hands
and nevertheless they couldn't change it
so one of us must dare
to make the way to the abyss
to save the light's son from the depths of Nifelhel

Hermodes' departure (Hermodes' Aufbruch)

To Eljud, Hel's dark palace
I want to go to get the brother
so I am off to the eerie ride

Sleipnir's look (Sleipnirs Blick)

Where the paths have lost the light
to icy cliffs and rocky reefs
to foreign worlds the horse did turn

Where the shadows threaten
and coldness, misery and death
and a lonesome, forgotten grave
ready for a bound for gaping night

Hel Ride (Helritt)

And so I ride away
through thick clouds and mighty storm
accompanied by lightning and thunder
Donar's familiar sign and sound

Deeper and deeper into the depths of the worlds
through gostly waft, mourning and pleading
past the black stream and Garm's scary jaw
to the roots of Yggdrasil, where the dragon dwells

Through Nordland's misty haze
down to the cliffs of ever-freezing Nifelheim
and over the threshold
and the foot of the dark goddess' throne

Nine times it would be day and nine times night
into the grim lands
and there in the vapour at Slidur's stream
the guardian will await us

Run Slepinir into the misty valley
that has always been without the ray of godly light

In Helheim (In Helheim)

Guardian (Modguder):
Come Hermodes, speak your wish
who has no pale visage
Your long way was in vain
and so are flattering and fraud

As you shall know
before you greet the sovereign of the dead:
Even if sorrow and pain are so deep
never ever has a dead left this realm

I come for the wise god
that is shining like the sunlight
So lead me now to Helia's place
so that I can ask her about Balder's future

Enter, Hermodes, and listen well
I already know of your desire
but as long as you disobey my order
you must fear for Balder's life

He shall be free if every creature weeps
the whole creation cries and desponds
if everything is drenched in tears

But if there is one creature without any tears
a single eye bright with life
then Balder shall stay in Helheim's shelter
by Hwergelmir's rushing spring

Searching (Auf Suche)

Far was the way
Mourning and begging everywhere
All the creation's sadness
because the God of Light has left them

Abysmal, misty path
There, where a ray of light was never
sent into darkness by the day
Where no creature as low as can be
may breathe, struggling for life

But from the darkness a woman descends
as tall herself as the night is dark
Her spirit like stone, as old and cold
the eyes as dry - never touched by tears
A face that has never felt sadness

The Aesirs' begging (Der Asen Flehn)

Even if your eyes were the enemies of light
help us before doom unites against us
A single creature, not showing sadness
and Balder will have to stay in Helia's realm

Thökk - Loki's fraud (Thökk - Lokis List)

Not a tear out of one single eye
because I have never needed Balder
Never, neither living nor dead
Hel shall keep what she has taken

Translated by: AKC